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Andrew Nalband
Posted Jul 30 - Read on Facebook

Pretty excited about some of the things that this new release allows. This project creates a template card in the design view and uses to grab 10 user images and their associated data. The data is then populated into copies of the card. Every time the project reloads you'll get a new set of images and data.

With this technique, you can really start designing with data. You can see in this video how powerful this is. Doing things this way forced me to make design decisions in a different way to account for longer location names, a variety of images etc.

Feels like the future. We're getting there.

Framer team, you'll also see a little bug here when I try to select the text drop-down immediately after changing the text's color. ;)


Alexandre Lordelo

Great stuff Andrew Nalband! I was looking for a way to do this! Will check your code, thanks for sharing man!

Adrian Mendoza

Thanks for sharing!

Koen Bok

Very cool!

Ahmet Bekteş


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