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Stephen Boak
Posted Aug 01 - Read on Facebook

I want to create text input fields in my prototype. I'm working on an autocomplete prototype that needs to respond to text input. I've seen a few modules for this online but they all seem out-of-date. Anyone have an effective solution in place


David Diamond

Hey, this module works great for me whenever I'm using input fields in my designs

David Diamond

It doesn't come with autocomplete though, you need to do that yourself. I use an if statement that checks the value of the input and then sets the value to whatever you want it to autocomplete to. If you want to get more advanced though you could use twitters typeahead js script

Stephen Boak

this is one of the plugins I was talking about when I mentioned out-of-date modules. it seems buggy af and breaks when changing text colors, resizing the display...

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