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Jonas Treub
Posted Jul 29 - Read on Facebook

Hi all!

I’m very excited to introduce Dynamic Type! With this release, we wanted to give you the ability to do more with TextLayers. Now you can set custom styling in Design, while manipulating the content of your TextLayer in Code. Read more about the release and check out some examples to play around with here —


George Kedenburg III

wow this is amazing

Guillermo Müller


Rizza Louise Sy


Jair Silva

Paul Jordy Ochoa

Raden Tonev


Ciaran Madigan

Love it! I've been using the beta version for a recent project as I could use the textLayers created within design mode.
It really brought the whole thing to life for me, and I finally started to "get" design mode. Cheers fellas

Dan Rivera

Super cool!!

Lisa Costanzo Wilkins

Sweet biscuits!!

Karina Kozinsky


Cemre Güngör

Oh my gee.

Alexandre Lordelo

As Pablo Stanley says...
"Amazing Stuff!" 👊😉

Is it possible to to push data from Firebase?

Márcio Ribeiro

Wonderful update! <3

Andrey Yanovskiy

Dope video, as always.

Andrew Nalband

This is so textual.

Alexander Artsvuni

Trevor Phillippi

Oh hey the design of the API is kind of similar to my module :)

Jakob Sturm

Finally! Love this feature!

Eric Torleiv

Tiffany Chen

Perfect timing, I needed this today!! Do TextLayer heights also change dynamically when other properties change (i.e. increase in font size / line height)?

Ee Venn Soh

Is there a mistake with the doc? Supposed to be #{} instead of just {}? Jonas Treub

Ee Venn Soh

Also reckon this should be added to the doc, Utils.domLoadJSON (:

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Awesome :) Also, protip for anyone animating a number: If you do layer.animate({ template: 100 }) for example, Framer assumes you wanted to start at 0, so if that's the case you can save yourself a line of code – you don't need to manually set layer.template = 0 every time.

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