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Nikolas Tsoor
Posted Jul 31 - Read on Facebook

Hello every one, does any one have an idea of how to interact with MapBox datasets inside framer..

Say i already have the map up and working within framer and the map have a dataset icon which i would like to interact with, change properties like opacity, scale, and even to give it onClick/Tap actions.

Would very appreciate it!


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Nikolas! Have you looked at some of the examples/work that people have shared on Dribbble?

Alexandre Lordelo

Nikolas, I'm having the same problem! The issue is the GitHub tutorial is outdated for the dataset part, so it doesn't work with current framer.

We need someone from Mapbox to help ok this!

Nikolas Tsoor

@ Krijn Rijshouwer , yeah people are doing amazing stuff with mapbox & framer, but that is not really helping me to learn, @ Alexandre Lordelo i'm with you on this one, i tried to contact mapbox, asking them to update their framer tutorial, no answer yet :) i'll update if there will be any news on this.

Bhaskar Ravi

It's high time mapbox updated their framer tutorials. i've only been able to come up with hacky solutions thus far (none of which work that nicely).

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