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Jon Sullivan
Posted Jul 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone!

While creating prototypes I got sick of having to manually create the iOS status bar or import it as a Sketch layer in order to have realistic looking prototypes. So, I created my own module to mimic the iOS 11 status bar with a few features to set color, signal strength, battery level, show the actual time and use a blur effect on its background. I thought some folks here might find use for it so feel free to try it out and let me know your thoughts!

Sample Project:



Andriy Nykyforuk

Is it possible to recreate blurred background inside this StatusBar?

Jon Madison

I made one too, but deprecated mine in favor of Black Pixel’s:

Marc Krenn

Hey, this is super useful and I really dig the look of the new statusbar! Added this to my testDrive repo – hope you don't mind.

If you're wondering what testDrive is / what it does:

Just add the testDrive snippet ( to a project and then use iOS_StatusBar as if the module was already located in the module–folder.

testDrive will automatically download the latest version from Github and include it into your project (y)

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