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Maximilian Güth
Posted Jul 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, new to Framer and quick question: I'm designing in Framer with the iOS-standard SanFrancisco font. When I'm previewing my prototype in the Framer app for iOS, the text has a different style. How can I prevent this without setting all text in code?


Radek Kyselý

What do you mean by "different style"? Are you getting bolds where regular should be or what?

Matthew Mang

In all seriousness, you need to download the SF UI font package from the Apple developer site and use that font instead. iOS uses SF UI rather than San Francisco proper

Jens Nikolaus

What Matthew says, you probably got it from a third party. Framer uses the right font by default if you have it installed.

Matthew Mang

Does your font name show up like this?

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