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Adam Mazurick
Posted Jul 23 - Read on Facebook

Did you know you can use Goo with Framer to make complete mobile games and absurdly awesome prototypes?! Time to level-up! Press ‘W’ on your keypad to fly up and either ‘A’ or ‘D’ to move my Goon around!


Adam Mazurick

Jonas Treub I got distracted with fun

Adam Mazurick

You can pinch and pan with two fingers :)

Alexandre Lordelo

Great stuff Adam Mazurick! Is it possible to build a UI with framer and interact with Goo? Ex: I want to build something like a t-shirt customizer, and have all UI made in framer.

Adam Mazurick

Everything in Goo is written with JavaScript. So give it a try. It's lots of fun and a great way to practice writing JS. :)

Adam Mazurick

Alexandre Lordelo hmmm...great question and an extremely timely one...I will have to ask to get back to you on that. I'm trying experiments along those lines now. I'm making a car picker app. Basically you spin the car around and apply new colors. Infact this whole thing really started when I got frustrated with rendering slick 3d renders and being limited to exporting them as videos and using JS to control the playback on specific events. It was starting to look crappy. So I was like what if I used Goo?! I would build the entire scene programatically using a similar workflow to the one I follow with Maya/UNREAL and C++. Instead of Maya I'd use Goo and JS. I attached my artboard so you can see my design challenge.

Adam Mazurick

Koen Bok told me Framer would eventually switch to JS and advised me to learn more JS. I'm really good at Python and Intermediate at C++ so over the summer Goo presented an opportunity to learn JS deeper. I feel much stronger with JS and I’ve learned it’s a really valuable language to have in your toolbelt. I find making games is the best way to learn a language. It keeps me engaged and allows me to enjoy learning the idioms of a language rather than just getting frustrated with blockers.

Alvaro Lourenço

Nice sample, man!
I've been trying to use Three.js with Framer's VRComponent with little success, due to performance issues. The first uses canvas and the second is based on CSS3D, and when the two superimposed layers receive camera rotation events, they end up updating with distinct latencies...
Do you think Goo can overcome this?

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