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Wendy Lim
Posted Jul 30 - Read on Facebook

Can anyone give some pointers on how I might build a form text description field.

I'm trying to simulate a text field with multiple lines already in it and you are clicking into it to edit. I've been playing around with Jordan Robert Dobson's InputField class, but this only seems to work with single line text input.

Also thought this example might help, but the link no longer works :(


Koen Bok

We're working on a pretty big text update that should make things like this a lot easier.

Wendy Lim

Hey Koen Bok - Congrats on the latest Dynamic type update, was this the text update you were referring to? I'm not sure it does help in my specific problem, unless I'm totally missing something?

Peter Jensen

Yes my question is what about an EditLayer or some other form of text entry? It's just JavaScript it should be able to do it right? I can get data off a server but not take simple user input?

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