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Marc Krenn
Posted Dec 08 - Read on Facebook

DrumComponent arranges layers on an animatable Y/Z "drum".



testDrive.module "DrumComponent"

While the component does NOT come with any interactive elements out of the box, it can easily hooked up to a scrollComponent or a draggable Layer to recreate iOS-style pickers.

Other potential uses: Clocks, countdowns and -ups, speedometers, slotmachines ...

This was written late last night in less than an hour, so please have mercy πŸ˜…



Mike Kotsch


Marc Krenn

Just realised that I (un)fortunately I forgot to record the ticking sound the example makes when being viewed in Framer IDE πŸ™‰


Andrew Nalband

Awesome! Nice work Marc!



Sergey Ivanov

Great! As usual )

Alexandre Lordelo

Nice Marc Krenn!

MΓ‘rcio Ribeiro

Amazing, thanks for sharing!

Marc Krenn
Blaine Billingsley

Marc Krenn do you have an example of hooking this up to a scrollComponent to make an iOS style picker by any chance?

Marc Krenn

Example with interactive / scrollable drum @Blaine

Adam Mazurick

Nicely executed

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