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Bhaskar Ravi
Posted Jul 22 - Read on Facebook

A bit more of a complex question regarding loading views with data.

Is there any built in solution, or preferred method, to manage state of a view created in design mode, and then filled with data?

Each time the data changes, do you have to completely destroy and recreate the content within the view? Or is there a way to revert to the view's initial state and then repopulate with new data?

Hope that makes sense and thank you!


Alexandre Lordelo

Did you have a look on Marc Krenn Firebase module?

Bhaskar Ravi

It was less about the data and more about using live data in conjunction w/ the design view :) Unfortunately there is no ultra clean way to do this right now - but there are a few convenient work arounds; but Framer powered by components in design mode would be huge!

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