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Rupa Chaturvedi
Posted Jul 22 - Read on Facebook

Hi folks, I am working on a scroll component and need the following behavior to happen. Tap on a cell = cell height expands. Only one cell needs to expand on tap not all. Have you done this before? Pls suggest... Thanks!


Andrew Nalband

Yes. Depending on how you have this set up you'll need something like

cell.onClick ->
height: 200

Andrew Nalband

Attach you project and we can help

Ian McClure

I have a project that I was in the middle of then got distracted from that did exactly that. It definitely isn't complete, I know that enlarging one cell then enlarging another cell doesn't work properly but it is a start. Most of the important code is in percent.onTap -> which starts on line 431

Rupa Chaturvedi

Thanks Ian McClure

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