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Bhaskar Ravi
Posted Jul 21 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone know how to enable direction lock on a Flow Component? I have a nested page component within a flow comp that scrolls and it's causing issues.



Andrew Nalband

Please attach your project and I'll help you out

Bhaskar Ravi

Thanks Andrew Nalband

Bhaskar Ravi

Obviously I can get it working by manually adding a scroll layer into the Flow Component - but would be great to get this working w/ the Flow Comps built in scroll property :)

Andrew Nalband

Bhaskar Ravi - thanks for sharing your project. I had to look in the docs for this one. It turns out the FlowComponent automatically generates a ScrollComponent in this situation, so you need to add this line:

searchContentController.scroll.speedY = 0

Here's your file with the line added:

Andrew Nalband

You could also get the same result with:

searchContentController.scroll.scrollVertical = false

Bhaskar Ravi

This simply disables scroll though. You can also pass a boolean through during the creation of the Flow Component to achieve the same thing. I'm wondering if there is a way to access direction lock with all this so that you don't get the wonky paging / scrolling issues

Bhaskar Ravi

But you did answer my question! Because with access to the scroll attribute this line should do the trick :)

searchContentController.scroll.directionLock = true

Thanks Andrew Nalband!

Andrew Nalband

Ah, now I see what you were trying to do. I'm glad we got there!

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