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Carlos Santiago
Posted Jul 20 - Read on Facebook

ok so I'm going to jump deep on this but first, can you write JS as of right now in Framer? I don't know JS and just started to fully learn framer (big shoutout to Adria Jimenez for his Udemy course, many thanks!) but idk if I should learn CoffeeScript and then move on to JS. I'm a little lost and was wondering how you guys wrapped your head around it


Adria Jimenez

Adria here :) While it's true that learning javascript first will make writing coffeescript very very easy, one of the main benefits of coffeescript is being more "permissive" and easy to learn for non-coders. So I would recommend that you learn with coffeescript if you plan to code just for Framer.
And thanks for the shoutout :)

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