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Junha Kang
Posted Jul 25 - Read on Facebook

i made a prototype based on a gif i saw on pinterest

was just practicing cuz i got some time after the last project

first time using "Design" section, and was quite useful

Reference -> Say 🤑 by Stan Yakusevich 💥 for Heartbeat.UA


Sergey Voronov

Steve Ruiz :)

Daniel Njoo

Hey Junha, did you find layers/elements created in Design hard to connect to in Code beyond simple interactions (e.g. onTap) ? I can't get scroll / complicated animations to work at all :'(

Steve Ruiz

Nice! I did that one too. This was my shot:

Marko Jota Jotic

Poop every 1 hour? haha
P.S. Great job! :)

Akash Soti

Wow, very cool!

Soh Tanaka


Adrian Mendoza


Rafael Vogel de Oliveira

Excelent work, man! I'll start learning Framer tomorrow! Let the force be with me!

Gregory J. Orton

Yes, my friend. Now find me a way to easily go month to month, year to year and still look as good and you've solved calendaring

Matt Silverman

Nice work man!

Simon Zach

awesome!must be a lot of coding

Slava Volkov

Cool man

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