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Andrew Nalband
Posted Jul 20 - Read on Facebook

Ooh, a tutorial!

Hey everyone. After my last post (, Paul Kooi asked if I would do a little code walkthrough of how to make the color picker. I started down that path and made some videos that walk through the early stages of making this prototype. There are three videos so far, and they take you through:

1. High level structure of the file
2. Manipulating color with HSLA
3. Starting to code the selectedColor portion of the view

If this kind of thing is useful, I can continue this series to the end. I can also create videos on other topics.

I'm looking for a few specific pieces of feedback on these videos:

1. Am I explaining things clearly? Is there any part of this that could be explained better?
2. Is this video at the right level? I know there are folks in this channel who have varying levels of experience with coding. Are there parts of this I should add more detail on? Is there too much detail?
3. What other kinds of videos and tutorials would people like to see most? What are the most challenging areas for people? I could do more videos about creating specific components, more programming basics, more stuff on building bigger prototypes, more mobile, more math, more fun artistic stuff. What do you want to see?


Paul Kooi

Wow this is awesome! Can't wait to check it out. Thanks so much. Go Framer Community and Andrew Nalband

Andrew Nalband

I look forward to hearing your feedback, Paul Kooi!

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