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Vignesh Sachidanandam
Posted Jul 20 - Read on Facebook

Hello. After I set flow.header to a particular layer, how do I reset the flow header to default/undeclared state? ? I want a sticky header for a few screens in my prototype, but don't want the header to show up in other screens.


Marc Krenn

Hey Vignesh,
I did not test this thoroughly but I think you can remove the header by writing 'flow._header = null'.


By using the underscore, you're able to target the flowComponent's header directly, bypassing some of the FlowComponent's code. Without the underscore'd flow.header you'll bump into the following line of code, which basically says "don't let the be flow.header be overwritten by anything that's not a Layer". This includes 'null' and 'undefined' as well:

Tes Mat

You can set the height to zero.

Tes Mat

flow.header.height = 0

Tes Mat

(before you do a showNext(), obviously)

Vignesh Sachidanandam

Thanks Marc and Tes. Super helpful! Setting the header height to 0 worked for me. I got an error when trying to set _header to null. This approach unblocks me for now though. Thank you very much for the help!

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