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Daniel Remes
Posted Jul 19 - Read on Facebook

Hi :) Is there anyone that have used the page = new PageComponent.wrap(content) thar are deisgned straight from design tab and can show me how its done? :)



Derek Nguyen

Hi! You probably don't need the 'new' keyword — just 'page = PageComponent.wrap(content)'

Daniel Remes

mate you are great! it works :p cheers

Alexandre Lordelo

without "horizontal scroll to false" was working fine...

Daniel Remes

Hi Derek Nguyen, thanks for pinting it out. Im so new to this it is a bit hard for me to get it. Is there any chance to out toghether a protoype and share it? I would love to see how you implement leyer from the deisng tab to become a pager. :)

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