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Tiffany Chen
Posted Jul 19 - Read on Facebook

Hello friends! Is there a way to fix layers in Framer? I'm currently trying to change the position attribute through the layer style, but it doesn't seem to be working (see here:

Specifically, after the initial click on the screen, I'd like the title and author to stay pinned where they are!


Derek Nguyen

if any ancestors of 'position:fixed' element has a 'transform' property, that ancestor will be set as the container for the fixed element instead of the viewport. Framer make use of transform to position thing, so setting position:fixed will not work well...

I think an easier solution would be placing your fixed element outside of `page.content` onclick. That would keep them fixed, but you won't be able to use `state` to set that...

David Louie

Piggybacking on Derek's comment. Try this in your onClick event.
screen_1.onClick ->
for l in toHide
for l in toReformat
#added the following 2 lines
authorLayer.parent = page
titleLayer.parent = page

Tiffany Chen

thanks so much, Derek and David!

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