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Daniel Remes
Posted Jul 19 - Read on Facebook

Hi :) Still learnig all the basics in Framer and are right now trying the Flow Components. Any idea how to override the Framer flow.showOverlayCenter to close the modal on an custom made button made in design mode?

Appreciate any help :)


Blaine Billingsley

Hey Daniel, you can trigger transitions through click events no problem. I'm not sure I totally get what the desired effect is, could you share the file you're working on?

Daniel Remes

Hi, thanks for your input. If I use states I cant draw the modal layer from another artboard or maybe Im just to newbie to know that i Can? :p Here is a link

I like to be able to close modal without having to tap outide the modal. If I like to cover the whole screen with he modal I cant close it.

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