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Zack Breakstone
Posted Jul 18 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys! This might be a silly question, but are my individual shapes/symbols, etc. supposed to import into Framer from my Sketch file, or are just the artboards expected to import? I'm trying to play around with animating this button (color, size, etc.) to figure out how the workflow would work, but the symbols and shapes don't seem to be importing... Any help would be appreciated! (sorry for the re-upload)


Aalok Trivedi

Only layers that are put into groups will be imported as workable layers. Also imported sketch layers are converted into pngs so be wary of that when you're trying to manipulate layer properties

Zack Breakstone

Ah, thanks Aalok Trivedi! That seems pretty inconvenient... So basically the only real ways to make micro interactions (like button states) would be to either create them in the design tab of Framer or create the different versions of the states in Sketch, and import to Framer?

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