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Bhaskar Ravi
Posted Aug 23 - Read on Facebook

Hey all -

Anyone else having issues with icon scaling in the design tab when pasting from IconJar? I've been having this issue since Framer Design launched. If copy / pasting an icon from IconJar, the icon loses its form factor when changing size in the design tab. Maybe I'm missing something?

If the icon is exported as an SVG / PNG and then dropped into framer, this is a non issue. it's only when icons are just copied directly.

The other frustrating thing about this is that I cannot change the color of icons that are first exported and then dropped into Framer Design.

Has anyone else had similar issues?


Bhaskar Ravi

Following up on this - as I think it could be a bug.

Totally unable to resize SVGs specifically in Design Mode. Do not have the same issue w/ PNGs etc (notice how the SVG itself is much larger than its blue frame). Framer team any thoughts?

Bhaskar Ravi

Also the Icon appears to be the specified size in Code Mode - i.e. the icon is the actual size of its constraints (the blue box) in Code Mode. It just shows up extra large in Design Mode.

Jacopo Moretto

I have similar problems!

Alexander Bennett

same here

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