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Min-Sang Choi
Posted Jul 18 - Read on Facebook

Anyone experience client crash with the latest High Sierra beta? Can't open the application at all :-(


Jeremy Cimafonte

don't use betas of apple software, just run as virtual machine. maybe you could downgrade.

Koen Bok

Oh really shit. Anything interesting in cc Niels Onne

Niels van Hoorn

I've seen something similar before, but it looks like a crash inside Apples systems, so not really anything we can fix, other then file a bug report

Johannes Eckert

damn, I'm in the same boat. without another machine :/

Johannes Eckert

hey Min-Sang I just installed a fresh version of Framer Beta and it seems to work (there were no preferences or old projects, it's a clean install). I'm too afraid to quit it and relaunch, so I don't know how stable it is.

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