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Paul Kooi
Posted Jul 14 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to create an element in the design tab... target it and then replicate it within a loop in the code tab? Seems like it should be the most straight forward thing in the world but I can't seem to get it to work?


Mike Johnson

Have you played with Layer.copy()?

Dan Griffiths

I've had this exact problem, and such a useful function to get right. layer.copy() works and you can set it up with a loop however targeting became an issue. I ended up creating an array called list then passed the name of the copy to it to be able to target the new layers. However i can't work out how to target the child layers individually. Ideally i'd like to assign random images and titles to them. Here is my demo

Brent Riddell

tried something similar a few weeks ago, some good comments in the discussion below it :) hope it's helpful!

Luis Escobar

I had a similar question a few weeks back. I ended using the Find Module. I ended up figuring out a way to do it without the module (via pushing to empty arrays), but I often still use Find bc of its convenience.

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