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Daniel Remes
Posted Jul 14 - Read on Facebook

Hello there! Big thanks to all of you shring ideas. I have just started to use Framer, it is my firtst time coding. I just wanted to ask if somoen ever done a iOS map slide up and scroll? As in iOS maps app, you are able to slide up some suggestions when searched and when you slide all the way up you are then able to scroll a the list of suggestions. Anyone that know and understand what I am trying to say? :)

My best


Sergey Voronov

done some samples on that, tricky thing was scrolling inside and swiping stuff back:)

Sergey Voronov

maybe this will guide you

Daniel Remes

Wow mate, this is awesome! It is a lot for me to try out being a total newbie like me but I have a look and see what i can learn! Thnaks alot. If you have any suggestions where there is a tutorial for this I would love to know. But huge thnaks Sergey Voronov!! :)

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