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Thomas Miller
Posted Jul 13 - Read on Facebook

Jesse Dodds Thanks for approving my request to join :)

Hey Everyone. I have a newbie question. I have a layer set to animate when onClick. This animation changes the border color, border width, and radius. For some reason on the onClick and the animation initiates, a purple color appears as the border color and then the intended border color appears. I'm curious to find out, is this normal or is there a way to get around this? I've tried `Framer.Extras.Hints.disable()' but that I believe isn't the issue. Any suggestions will be very helpful.


Jesse Dodds

This is a strange one — it's happening for me, too. Oddly, it animates from gray to blue correctly, but when stateCycling back to the default state, it animates through a pink/purple spectrum:

Jesse Dodds

Actually, think I fixed it by forcing a colorModel. Above prototype updated ^^

Jesse Dodds

Framer.Defaults.Animation =
colorModel: "rgb"

^^ does the trick.

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