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Grzegorz Róg
Posted Jul 13 - Read on Facebook

Hello! A little bit off Framer, but still a huge step for Designer-Kind 🙌 There's an overview of a new Abstract. Hope you'll find it useful!


Sean Sands

There are so many different tools and suggested workflows. TBH, I'm more interested in an all-encompassing UX solution that covers designing, versioning, file access, git and jira integration, animation design AND prototyping. Nothing does everything yet. Nor is there a company that has a true ecosystem of UX focused products. There are a lot of solutions that only get halfway there. This is one of them.

Rob Hoyt

I first tried out Abstract about 3 months ago with their Beta. Amazing tool, and am excited its finally out!

Johann Kasuch

Great Tool! But again nothing a big company could use due to data policy. :-/

Jon Madison

I love it I wish it wasn’t in the cloud! (Therefore it’s technically not Git for anything :/)

Kian Lavi

Thanks for doing this man. Been meaning to try it out, but this summarizes it pretty well

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