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Dominic Reiterer
Posted Jul 12 - Read on Facebook

I'm running against walls. I'm trying since two days to add markers to my mapbox map. I started with this tutorial and failed. I tried many things but I just don't get it. Sadly I'm not allowed to share my prototype so I created one with just the map. I don't get it.


Dennis Schmidt

Really looking forward to those insights since I'm doing exactly the same! Didn't spend too much time on it so far – only managed to implement mapbox. I have the exact same problem that the markers don't show up.

Dominic Reiterer

I tried so many tutorials really have no clue. Don't understand why it is not possible to just attache a framer layer to the map. We have a big presentation tomorrow and this would be kind of important.

Christian Poschmann

I’ve made a Mapbox prototype about 2 years ago.
You can look at the code here.
Since it’s was created in an outdated version of Framer, it’s throwing an error now in the browser.
but it works if you open it in Framer.
Maybe it's helpful.

Dominic Reiterer

I tried that also and it didn’t work

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