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Koen Bok
Posted Jul 15 - Read on Facebook

I love what Tim, Joshua and the team built with Abstract – a central way to collaborate on design. You should check it out if you use Sketch.

This has been tried many times before by very talented people, but is still a huge unsolved problem in design. Abstracts approach is smart, a really polished Mac app on top of git, and I really think this could help with re-use, organization and workflow for teams.


Koen Bok

It's also the best Electron app I have ever used. The future for desktop apps seems bright.

Tim Van Damme

🙏🏻 Koen! Thanks for the kind words. The future is bright for designers!

Arnav Sameer

This is really interesting!

Johann Kasuch

Awesome! Tim Van Damme, one question and one problem:
1) you have a great solution for big design teams. unfortunately the bigger the team you work in is, the more likely its a big company with a very strict data policy. so, can we use a self hosted git repo?
2) since i've installed abstract, sketch keeps crashing on startup every time. :-/

Fredrik Matheson

I've been using it for some months now and can recommend it highly. It's a great way to manage and track the work that's being done.

Sketch files in Dropbox folders now seem positively antiquarian and unproductive.

The Abstract crew has been doing a great job of improving the app and the platform. I love how having to fork, update from master, merge etc makes me and the rest of our team more organized and, actually, better at making design decisions, where we check in what works and chuck out what doesn't.

I'd love to see a practical way to use Abstract with Framer Design, but I'm sure you have plans already.

Maximilian Güth

It helped as a lot and we're trying to integrate it in our future projects! Very happy with the product.

Victor Tony George

We're on it, and we love it!

Rob Simon

This is beginning to be an essential tool at ServiceTitan. It's dramatically cut down on the "Can you send me the latest Sketch file?" requests. A must for design teams that iterate on the same product areas.

Nico Polzin

Mike Kotsch interessant für uns?

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