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Tyler Burgett
Posted Jul 20 - Read on Facebook


I am putting together a talk I am going to give about design tools at a conference later this summer (

Given its collaborative features, animation support, responsive layouts, and running costs I think Framer is super interesting.

I am building out a design in Sketch first, and then re-building it in several other design tools to compare features, ease of use, community, and resources.

I will be bringing the newbie perspective, but I will not have the day to day experience nor expertise that comes from being a frequent user of Framer.

Since you have a lot of experience with it, could you tell me a little bit about what makes it so great?

What makes it your app of choice?

Any pro-tips for beginners?

Are there any pain points?

What else is in your design toolbox?

Thank you for your time!


Nick Hanigan

Hi Tyler, I find the community great and responsive - if you are stumped and It is easy or difficult questions both are tackled quickly. (Slack channel is super super quick).

To me the advantages are: it is infinitely extendable (as it is JavaScript coded at core), over time I believe the community and eco system around this will therefore be very compelling long term. (Search for firebase examples or map box use to illustrate the beginning of this).

It is also an excellent way to burr / extend a designers understanding of coding. See for video examples of this, really super thinking there I loved these lessons (and more examples of the simplicity of the power behind it all).

To me the disadvantages are: monthly billing (I've paid for it twice and expect I will do it two or three more times before I am '100% code enabled' to tackle design without Framer - I do this as a hobby for now). So while I love the V8 engine I am eyes wide open to what else is developing in this area. (Please send me your reaseah once done.)

I am a noob but notice there is a lot of talk about the gap in the JamStack (see heavybit podcast: shortening the distance between front end and the back end). Do you see or agree with this trend?

If so, surely Framer is the best option for getting in the middle of that action? No? (Please let me know your opinion on this).

Footnote: If you are unsure of what to do with you sketch file to demonstrate Framers V8 engine, look to ...

Hope that helps! Good luck with your presentation!!!

Tyler Burgett

Hello Nick, thanks for the response!

You bring up some good points, I hadn't thought about it from the perspective of Framer as a way to get designers pulled into code. Thank you for the links, those look like some pretty solid resources.

The cost of these design tools is an interesting sticking point. Sketch is $100 a year, with a $60 per year license fee for updates. Given that it is usually paired with InVision which is $25 a month, Framer looks like quite the bargain.

I am not familiar with JacmStack, I will have to take a look at it.

I'm planning to put together a Medium collection with the different tools I am looking at, I will post that, my slides, and the design files I made along the way here when they are done.

Thanks again!

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