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Dylan Rose
Posted Jul 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, i'm having some trouble with flow components. Here's an example prototype:

I've got two pages set up, a red page and a blue page. Then a flow component with a yellow background and a simple header with a back button.

The back button is tied to the 'showPrevious'. Then each page has a link to direct back to the other page when clicked.

The issue: Given this setup, I don't have any interactions that would show the yellow background. All of the commands i've programmed link to the red or blue page OR back to the previous page, but the yellow page shows up sometimes. If i click through too quickly on the pages, i'll land on a yellow page. OR if i click through red/blue several times and then use the back button twice i'll get the yellow page.

Can anyone help me wrap my head around what's going on here?


Ah Kei

This happened when the flow animation isnt finished.

add animate:false to the last two line:

redPage.onTap -> flow.showNext(bluePage,animate:false)

bluePage.onTap -> flow.showNext(redPage,animate:false)

whenever how quick you click, the yellow page will never show again, if not added, and quick click the page , the yellow will show.

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