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Daniel Remes
Posted Jul 09 - Read on Facebook

Hi :)
I just started out with framer. I have never coded before but Framer get me to learn fast. I wonder if someone could put me on direction about Artboards and Layers. If I make the deisgn i want on different artboards, am I able to get those layers onto the prototype just as modals and anything else without having them on the same artboard? I hope I explain it correctly :p

Thankful for all help :)


Arved Baumgärtner

check the 'FlowComponent' :)

John Lee

Do you want to learn about coding, or coding for Artboards and Layers?
for coding I'd suggest start with some templates from then start building things with snippets
Otherwise, Google Coffeescript tutorials and work that way.
For design, this is a new thing in Framer, so try and look at newer posts on for tutorials.
Hope this helps!

Daniel Remes

Thanks for all your help! :) I try to share something later

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