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Dani Bedar
Posted Jul 10 - Read on Facebook

Just downloaded the newest version and building a prototype from scratch in Design. Anyone know if you can edit the html of the text you create within Design, after you make it a target?


Alvaro Hernández Trapote

It happened to me as well. It seems that if you create a text layer in the Design mode, it is actually a normal layer when you treat it in Code mode. The only way to change the text that I've found is to change the html property. However, if you create a text layer in Code mode, you can easily change the text with the text property. Weird... Probably I'm missing something.

Michael Le

Yes I ran into same issue this week. It's weird and hopefully fixed soon

Dani Bedar

Weird. I actually haven't been able to access the html property - I've been treating it as a layer and changing the states upon click. It's making my code super messy.

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