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O'Ryan McEntire
Posted Aug 03 - Read on Facebook

Since the update that converts everything from pixels to points we've been having trouble with the scaling in framer.

We are prototyping web stuff. Not apps. So points make absolutely no sense. Our stuff needs to scale to fit any device, however. We used to use a simple ratio calculation to scale assets as needed. Now that doesn't work correctly because framer uses Points for somethings and Pixels for others.

With the new update all of our pixel dimensions get converted to points and everything blows up 2x, 3x, or 4x.

Is there a way to turn this off? Or at least force everything to just take the pixel values that I give it and not do some conversion?

Framer is a web based prototyping tool, the use of points on the web makes no sense to me...


Riley Hollobaugh

Been having issues with it as well. On my MacBook my typography is the correct size but when use my dell monitor the font is half the usual size with the parent layers width and height not being affected.

O'Ryan McEntire

We are having this exact same problem, as well.

It seems like some things use the points and some things still use pixels.
And any CSS that gets applied is obviously always going to ultimately be in pixels (because it's the web). This leads to things being weirdly monitor/device dependant.

We used to use the scale property on certain parent layers to maintain a somewhat responsive prototype. But for some reason it seems like the scale property works in reverse now. -___-

Riley Hollobaugh

To break the problem down. My prototype shows up differently on these devices:
Dell Ultrawide (3440x1440, ppi roughly 110) TextLayers are half the intended size. Layers unaffected (correct)
iPhone 7 (750x1334, ppi: 360). TextLayers half the intended size. Layers unaffected (correct).
MacBook Pro (2880x1800, ppi: 220) TextLayers are the original correct size. Layers are the correct size.

I don't see a pattern in how the new point system is working.

Riley Hollobaugh

It also doesn't appear to be converting anything into pixels. It just adds a "zoom:2" to all of the layers. Which according to CSS-tricks is not recommended for production.

O'Ryan McEntire

The unpredictable results you are getting are consistent with what we are getting.

Riley Hollobaugh

Has anyone received any communication from Framer about this issue? I haven't had any luck.

O'Ryan McEntire


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