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Chris McDonnell
Posted Jul 09 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framer-ers, love all the improvements lately! Maybe you can help me with a challenge I'm having related to the new Design tab. When I create a layer in the design tab and bring it into the Code tab, I don't actually see the layer in my code (as you would if you dragged an image file on to the editor). I see the layer on the left in the list of layers, and I can click on he circle to add an animation, state, etc., however I don't know how to see the later in the editor. This is causing weird issues for layer order, and it happens whether or not I create a target in the design tab. Thanks for your help!


O'Ryan McEntire

Agreed... this is super weird. I fully expected to build a bunch of stuff in the design tab and then be able to see the code behind it.

In the design tab, when you hover over the layer there is a little tiny itty-bitty circle icon that pops up in the right hand side. Clicking that for every single layer you want in the code will pull it into the code.

Chris McDonnell

Thanks O'Ryan McEntire. When I click on that to create a target I do see the layer in the list of layers in the code tab, but I don't see it in my actual code (where I'd like to change the layer order)

O'Ryan McEntire

Ah... yeah it doesn't actually add anything helpful to the code view.

Actually putting the layer instantiation in the code view by default would be nice.

All this does is create a reference that you can then use to set properties.

So when you create a target called "rectangle" you can now refer to it in your code and change it's properties.

Tyler Smith

The layer order for all targets in the Design tab is treated identically in the Code tab. You can change the layers manually in the Design tab by dragging them around in the side bar, or manually in code with index or bringToFront/sendToBack. Hopefully that helps!

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