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Dylan Rose
Posted Jul 11 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framer community. I have a question about structuring content for large prototypes. I've got a fairly large prototype that is starting to drag and I'm hoping some of you might have some pointers on how best to streamline the code to improve performance.

Unfortunately I cannot share the prototype itself but I crated a quick dummy prototype that mimics the way I'm structuring content on a small scale:

Basically my architecture goes like this:
1. Create a library of custom classes for reusable components (extensions of the 'Layer' class)
2. Set up the pages within a Flow component where each of the components will live
3. Create instances of each of the components and stack the content to create a series of pages.

This worked well in the beginning but as I add more and more instances of each of these components it's really struggling to keep up. Some of the pages have up to 5 instances of a given component repeated but with different sets of content. The benefit to this is I can add to and edit content quickly for each page.

If anyone can spot any opportunities i might have to reduce the scale of this thing, that would be awesome.


Jordan Robert Dobson

If you hide things that aren’t visible that would likely help.

Derek Nguyen

I worked on something similar. For me, creating instances only when needed & destroying unnecessary one helped speed thing up a bit. Would love to hear more on this topic!

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