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Marc Krenn
Posted Jul 21 - Read on Facebook

testDrive: Use the latest version of over 50 Framer modules in under 20 seconds, without all the usual module-nonsense.

Example: (loads giphy-module)

Including some community favourites like:

• adapt by Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker
• CameraLayer by Keishi Tsuchiya
• devicepixelratio (dpr) by Jordan Robert Dobson
• find (ƒ) by Andreas Wahlström
• inputField by Jordan Robert Dobson
• VRcomponent by Jonas Treub
• and most of my own modules like Firebase, QueryInterface, ParallaxComponents and giphy (with more to come)
+ many, many more

All you have to do is to include the testDrive-code/snippet at the top of your project and then either define …

testDrive.modules ["inputField", "giphy"]

… to include specific modules OR simply write ANY function or class of those 50+ supported modules and testDrive.autopilot will AUTOMATICALLY download and inject the respective module for you.

Maybe it's a bit too magical (as in too unpredictable), but I think it's a pretty cool feature regardless – you should definitely give it a spin! :)


And yes, this is a terrible hackjob and all, but the primary goal of this thing here is to (hopefully) spark a discussion about the subject of providing and using modules, as the way those things work right now is, in my eyes, just way too cumbersome for a prototyping tool. Honestly, I wish this was of higher priority for the team.

If you agree with me, let them know in this thread.

(Also, if you want to have your module included or removed, please let me know.)


Marc Krenn

A) Yes, my MBP is really that slow when recording the screen ;)
B) The last few seconds of the video are missing for whatever reason (it should have actually ended with a printed "done", confirming the firebase module was succesfully loaded/injected)

Marc Krenn

Radek Kyselý

Give me few more days, I'm working on something regarding Framer modules... :) Just need to finish IA and front-end code :)

Marc Krenn

2 additional things I've missed in the OP:

Please don't use testDrive for critical work and be aware of the fact that it requires to be connected to the internet in order to fetch modules.

Mike Johnson

Can we rename it FPM ? :)

Nam Dang


Jordan Robert Dobson

You’re insane man! Nice work!

Lukas Guschlbauer

Wow! Great hack! :)

Joshua Pekera

Um this is rad!

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Agreed, I really wish there was a way to easily browse and apply modules from inside Framer. Fetching them at runtime is a cool hack, but it of course adds more loading time and potential for errors (and the added complexity of needing a callback just to run your "main" code).

Marc Krenn

BTW: If you only want to fetch a single module from github, you can also use this code, bypassing my module directory completely:

Alexandre Lordelo

Hey Marc Krenn, is it possible to use your firebase module with text layers in design mode?

Ex: from a profile card in design tab, target text layers (name, address, Rex) and push data from firebase into those ?

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