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Adam Mazurick
Posted Jul 09 - Read on Facebook

Just thought I'd share this. I'm curious to see how Framer will grow with us to help define emerging interaction models.


Alexandre Lordelo

Interesting, but how is this different from apple AR?

Adam Mazurick

Alexandre Lordelo I don’t really understand your comment. It’s not particularly different. AR Kit from Apple is one Commercial Play Apple has made into the world of AR. What was posted was an approach and implementation from the MIT media lab talking about the importance of this interaction model generally using web-technologies.

It would be incorrect to characterize AR as a purely Apple-First Innovation. Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality have been the subjects of rigorous research and development since the 90s.

The point of my post was really to provoke some thought. Framer has really excelled at prototyping Interactions on Mobile Devices. I’m increasingly using Framer to prototype new experiences experiences and interfaces for AR and VR for various stakeholders.

In the not-to-distant future, VR and AR will be a $150 BILLION dollar market.

I sincerely hope Framer looks at opportunities to expand on it’s toolset to help us prototype more efficiently thinking about subjects that are unique to the AR/VR Space. Like is there a way to use the VR Module and accomplish ’Translation’”?

Framer is awesome for helping us quickly prototype a scene with CubeMaps, but it would be great if it did more and didn’t glitch-out in other browsers.

So unlike InVision and the other Prototyping solutions, we can quickly create and evaluate scenes and interfaces without exhaustively building all the members of a given scene.

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