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Artyom Avanesov
Posted Jul 09 - Read on Facebook

Hey all, I'm running into two issues with Mirror. The first is that it doesn't respond to different levels of force touch. The second is that it doesn't seem to support alternative fonts. If you mirror the example prototype, you'll see that the animation is sluggish and the label font is Georgia, even though it's set to Source Sans Pro. Is there a way to fix these issues?


Steve Ruiz

Two solutions for fonts: bring them in with Utils.loadWebFont or package them into your Framer folder and include them using Utils.InsertCss

Steve Ruiz

This question comes up pretty often. I'd love to see a Fonts folder in each Framer project and have the application automatically perform these steps for any font that exists in that folder, and add fonts the same way we can add modules (by dragging the file into the Framer code window).

Artyom Avanesov

Thanks Steve, it worked! And I agree, a fonts folder would be great, although Utils.loadWebFont() is an easy enough solution.

Erik Lindholm

I have the same problem with ForceTap though. It works great on my MacBook Pro with force touch. But on my iPhone 6s it only responds when I do a full (1) forcetap.

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