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JJ Lennert-Sandgreen
Posted Jul 06 - Read on Facebook

After being a member and following Framer and its community for a while, I'm finally posting for the first time.

I'm building an app that allows people to share and collaborate on stories, it's called Balloon. User autofollows new stories from their Friends and Followings and can unfollow a story if user isn't interested in seeing posts from it. Or user can Discover and follow a story, without necessarily following the user behind the story (so user doesn't autofollow all new stories from that profile). This way, user is always in control of the content she/he sees in the feed and removes the noise and clutter. It's like creating a micro-FB-page for anything I do with Friends or topics I care about.

I've hit a small wall while prototyping with Framer. In the vertical userFeed, I've added a horizontal Page list ("Your balloons") which is inside the vertical list, but that horizontal list keeps returning to the starting point every time I try to scroll it.

Any tips/tricks how to tackle this? Thank you so much!!

v.1 recently became available on the app store. I would love to hear your feedback how you think I can improve the app. You can find it here:


Sabri Ibrahim

Here you go, buddy :)

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