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Dan Griffiths
Posted Jul 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi all. Could someone help explain how i target a layer inside a copied element. i'm trying to duplicate an element that i created in design and duplicate it in a list. The copied element has child elements i want to then target. I want to target the image in the copied item and replace it with a random image.

I've created an array to capture the copied layers so i can target them by name. The duplication seems to work and i can target the y position but cant't target the image (image_1)

ChannelItemList = []
for i in [0...5]
ChannelCopy = ChannelItemList[i] = ChannelPost.copy() +=i
ChannelCopy.parent = Channels
ChannelCopy.y = (ChannelCopy.height + 10) * i

print ChannelCopy
ChannelCopy.ChannelImage.image_1 = Utils.randomImage()