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John Sherwin
Posted Jul 06 - Read on Facebook

Anyone have any pointers on the easiest way to go about creating a searchable list in Framer? I don't want to have to embed a load of '<ul>' and '<li>' tags inside a layer HTML. Ideally I'd like to do it with Framers components and an input.

Heres what I got so far -

Just need to know what to put into the 'filterList' function that runs on 'keyup'.

Even some quick tips to set me in the right direction would be much appreciated 🙌


Jonas Treub

Put all names inside an array and filter that array when the input value changes. Then render the result as a bunch of Framer layers. I wouldn't use <li> elements.

John Sherwin

Jonas Treub Thats what I was looking for. Thanks Sir! 🙏

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