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Danila Ermolenko
Posted Jul 06 - Read on Facebook

Hello, everybody! Could you help me with this question – how to capture my animation by the easiest way for upload to Dribbbble?
Could you describe your way, how you doing this action? :)


Nam Dang

use Quicktime capture the region -> export mov -> put in 800x600 artboard Pts -> export .gif

Amos Gyamfi

Capture the animation with Screenflow: and export as gif.

Tess Gadd

I use The quality isn't always the best, but it is super easy.

Richard Alvarez

This is something Framer has to come up with ASAP

Jonas Treub

The Framer team uses to create GIFS

Alexis Morin

I just use the Quicktime screen record to capture and bring things into After Effects and then Photoshop / gfycat to make things into a GIF.

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