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Anton Vronskiy
Posted Jul 21 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, how about setting text on TextLayer created in Design mode?
I created simple table cell in Design mode. It's structure is like:
– title
– text

I would like to copy designed cell and fill it with data by doing something like :
for cellData in data:
newCell = cell.copy()
newCell.title.text = cellData.title
newCell.text.text = cellData.text

But there are 2 problems:
1. I can't refer to cell's title as newCell.title, only just newCell.subLayers[0] (which is painful)
2. Text from Design appears as Layer in Code instead of TextLayer.

How to deal with that?


Bhaskar Ravi

This has been brought up a lot recently. Quick summary: Design Mode really isn't great for text atm. Text isn't imported into Code mode as a TextLayer, making things tricky - but hopefully it's fixed very soon :)

I'd recommend just creating text right in code mode for the moment.

Anton Vronskiy

Thanks Bhaskar. That's the solution I've came up to too

Bhaskar Ravi

Anton Vronskiy Did you end up funneling everything through code mode? I'm trying to implement something similar atm and am contemplating the same thing. I'm in Framer Beta so text can be changed easily, but there is no way to modify data in an efficient way (everything has to be accessed through subLayers which is very annoying).

What was your solution to the subLayer problem?

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