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Slava Starikov
Posted Jul 05 - Read on Facebook

Hello, Im trying to figure out how to make a custom transition for the flow component based on the documentation, yet it's not working out for me. I'm trying to achieve a screen transition that makes the current page disappear and the next page appear, yet without any sideways animations (as defaulted in the flow component). Can someone please take a look at what I have so far, any input would be of help.


Nicolai Doreng-Stearns

I'll take a look when I'm at work again on Wednesday. Shoot me a message if I forget and you're still having trouble

Dan Bartley

I still use the View Controller module for it's easy to use transition options:

Slava Starikov

Dan Bartley thanks for the suggestion, it gets the trick done :-) one day I would still like to learn to use the custom flow component transition pair it with a sticky header/footer, and animationOptions

Slava Starikov

Nicolai Doreng-Stearns good to hear from ya! hope all is well! I'm good for now but if you happen to have insight on how to use the custom flowComponent transition, i'm all ears :-)

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