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Bhaskar Ravi
Posted Jul 03 - Read on Facebook

Have a coffeescript question; specifically regarding scope.

Leveraging Marc Krenn's awesome Firebase module to semi power-up my prototype. Coffeescript's scoping is becoming an issue when trying to push a dataset into an array. Pulling the example from Github:

firebase.get "/names", (names) ->
namesArray = _.toArray(names)
print name for name in namesArray

Initializing namesArray outside the method isn't enough to update its value. Any ideas on the proper way to deal with this?


Bhaskar Ravi

Quick update: I don't think this has to do with scope. This seems to be more of a promises / callback issue w/ firebase.get either returning a promise or callback function! I'll update once again if I find a solution.

Bhaskar Ravi

Just to wrap this thread up - best is to load your firebase data before loading the rest of your app (or before loading a specific screen). At the end it was a promises / callback issue w/ the firebase.get method. It's probably due to the fact that JS is single threaded. Anyways if anyone runs into this or needs help just ask and I can post work arounds.

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