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Koen Bok
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

Sanity check for us 😁 What is the biggest missing feature for you in Framer Design that holds you back from using it over other apps?


Koen Bok

If you have performance issues or bugs, we'd love to know where exactly.

Arturo Goicochea

Desktop app and web design

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Trick question, already use it over other apps :) but now that design mode exists, symbols would be extremely powerful so I don't have to write custom classes for every component I want to reuse.

Also, some centralized module browsing/distribution system

Mike Johnson

The problem I have at the moment that all of my designs are still in Sketch... Rebuilding them from scratch in Framer is painful. I have found a semi-decent workflow but it is a lot of manual labor. I'd really love to be able to import a Sketch file and make changes in Framer while transitioning current projects.

Daniel Lauding

Hand-over system to developers/other designers, something like zeplin with specs etc (if you dont own framer and cannot open framer prototypes to read code/spec design). Correct me if im wrong but maybe already exists.

Amy Casillas

The inability to change design view text via code is the biggest roadblock I've found.

Arron J Hunt

All of the above!

Just kidding. I get what you guys are going for with these new tools, but I would rather more focus be put on it being a powerful animation and prototyping tool, not a replacement for Sketch/Photoshop. Deeper integration between Framer and Sketch would be preferred.

Paul Suvansupa


Alexandre Lordelo

Would like framer to go more in a direction where Fusetools is going, where developers can actually reuse the UI code in production

Juan J. Ramirez

Not related to Design Mode....but please! ... bring ES6 and make CoffeeScript optional. It would make debugging so much easier and also it will close the gap between Framer and millions of existing resources/libraries and APIs.

Andrew Cunliffe

Koen Bok, if Sketch files/assets could be imported as editable vectors my entire team would use Framer much earlier in a projects life cycle.

With our complete design system created and maintained in Sketch it would be painful to recreate in Framer.

Thank you for building such a great product and listening to your customers!

Tarun Chakravorty

Can't believe no one's mentioned a foldable layer list...its my single biggest headache once prototypes becomes larger. Also a super first world problem - but working in Framer becomes impossible when outside in the sun :P. Can we have custom color configs for studio?

Javier Eduardo Treviño

all of these are good ideas for features

Bhaskar Ravi

Just my 2 cents regarding Sketch import and design mode. I know many here would disagree, as Sketch is so integral to daily routings, but personally I like the new emphasis on Framer's native design mode over Sketch import.

I think Sketch is misused in many instances. Half the objects designed out in Sketch have to be recreated in code anyways when creating an actual application (Nav Bars, layout objects etc). This is where Framer design really shines IMO. It's almost like your built in interface builder. It's as close to production code as you can get, while still keeping things light and design friendly. It forces designers to design with layout in mind first, while importing more ornate / intricate objects (icons etc) from other programs.

The design tab itself needs work though - as we've seen here over the past few days, text integration etc. needs work, and obviously the feature set of the design tab itself could be expanded.

But I like the base thought here. To me it makes Framer significantly more developer friendly while keeping things extremely design friendly. It's the best of both worlds.

Raje Punsalan

Maybe rather than just Sketch, make it Sketch and/or Figma?

Javier Eduardo Treviño

How would the editable Sketch mode work? I definitely would like a better workflow like the one the newer update has but being able to Sketch instead of the design tab.. not because it's not good but because Sketch is my main program where I do 80% of my job

Sabitov Farid

Guys, please focus on the code. Pro guys will still use sketch, because of all workflow, plugins and hot keys. Please don't focus on design, who will use it? Managers who don't have Sketch? Please focus on pro users too. Please add better support for modules. Please add ability to hide/collapse on layers list. It's really annoying when you have a lot of stuff and with time it goes under the screen

Josh Ackerman

I might be the only one who thinks this, but I would like to see some type of physics like gravity or attraction that can be easily applied to layers.

Also more VR/AR stuff, especially now that it looks like the camera is accessible in iOS 11.

Aalok Trivedi

I agree with most people on this thread. I think the Design tab is a great concept, but in reality, it does very little for me in terms of ease of workflow or production because of the "missing/not-yet-developed" features a design tool should have. it's fine for quick wireframes and short ideation, but that's it.

I'm guessing you're trying to rope in more users who are afraid of coding, but I really hope you're not going the direction of a one-stop-shop in trying to "replace" Sketch (and others) as a design tool. I think that's a mistake. Companies who try to be good at everything often become mediocre at everything. The design phase is so amorphous, and the way we use Sketch and other design tools for pure design and preparation is vastly different to how we prepare designs for Framer. And I don't think that's a bad thing. Being able to quickly iterate is key and Framer Design is not good for that. You should be focusing hardcore on integrations.

Making Sketch import seamless should be a top priority over this! I know I've said this a million times but if you can make it so Framer turns Sketch objects into Framer objects (a la origami and Principle) AND THEN use the Design tab to tweak, adjust, and enhance/setup, you've already solved 90% of my problems!

Nicolai Doreng-Stearns

importing sketch into Design instead of Code is the key

Nicolai Doreng-Stearns

as editable objects, not flat pngs

Soh Tanaka

I just wanna be able to toggle the nested layer hierarchy so i can keep my view organized 😅

Sergey Ivanov

Input component is the thing that most people are missing, I guess (

Herve Mischler

Adding Input Components to the list. It would be great to see a native support of this (in Design and in Code) as well as a nice way to have a more native keyboard displayed. I know some solutions exist but having it out of the box would be a killer feature (and other prototyping tools are usually really bad for that part)

Andriy Nykyforuk

I don't like zooming in Framer Design by scrolling. It is not smooth enough

Tyler Angert

Honestly, as far as a huge problem I see with Framer overall, is an inability to easily modularize code and use separate files together. We should be able to toggle between multiple different interactions in the same file. I shouldn't have to hack together some bullshit solution to be able to make a full app flow and multi screen transitions. I want to be able to link scenes together easily, split up complex functions and helper methods into other files to be reused across multiple transitions, etc. If you want to preach "designing with code," don't make people have 1500, 2000 line files without encouraging and easily supporting the ability to split up a project. It is an extremely simple feature to think of and would greatly enhance the Framer experience. Until then I'm sticking to Flinto for 90% of my work. I realize Framer is supposed to be for the highest quality, shorter interactions, but there should still be inherent support for longer and more detailed flow to flow transitions and larger scale app organization. Framer is an amazing tool, but a half decent design tool isn't your solution to a bigger audience's going to be a fundamentally better workflow.

Koen Bok

Polls are funny. Sketch would never have became as big as it is without really great Photoshop importing ;-)

Jon Madison

Thanks for asking!

Gradients are that big a deal – I would not have imagined. I’m presuming gradients in designer–it’s one of the easiest missing for me to work around, especially in light of component support missing (I can’t drag in a ScrollComponent for cryin out loud)

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I've spent the last 2 years using Sketch for almost all of my work, my skills in it are basically what makes me employable in the tech world, so I would say , a clearer more intuitive interface with Sketch would make me user Framer more often , as of today I use it just to experiment or follow tutorials.

Nick Hanigan

My read: you are engineers that want to be more like a designer. Where you first started helping designers be more like engineers. (A total flip of the coin).

I really don't understand your duplication efforts of Sketch, which appears best in class. I find Sketch so easy to use / learn and yes, import to framer.

Why not help take us more into backend power? E.g. more web enable finished products or more real data integration or more dynamic fit to many screens... etc.

FYI, I am very disappointed with the updates of the last 6-12 months.

Sorry and thanks for letting me vent, I still like the basis of the powerful engine you have built... but I scratch my head on why I have just taught myself Sketch in order to then relearn such skills in Framer... sketch's mandate (where they start and stop) is simple Framer's mandate now has me deeply confused.

Koen Bok

One down. Many still to go :-)

Adam Deher

Stability in the design workflow. Currently layer hierarchy is flaky. Layers do not maintain their place in the hierarchy and will just jump around randomly- especially when jumping from design to code and back again. Till this fundamental feature is stable, the design section of the app is not usable. Framer is still my favs though.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I have changed my mind since this was posted: I didn't understand why you had created the design tab but now after trying it out I see how useful it is , in fact I have started using Framer instead of Flinto or Invision for all my ux concepts. I was on the "what about Sketch" camp and I just wanted to say I misjudged the new release, it fulfills all of the the things that were missing in my toolset like responsive design and a way to share real interactions not just videos or gifs. I could see myself adopting it as my only design tool for all of my work. Personally I'd like to see vector editing capabilities and some options to export images as there are some stubborn colleagues who work better with PNGs for some reason, anyway good job and thank you

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