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Raymond Uphoff
Posted Aug 01 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I'm wondering if somebody already tried Microsoft's Framer-toolkit?! It looks very promising. they've developed a shitload of Modules I'm trying to get it running but stumble upon errors for unknown Module. Yep and I import them in


Koen Bok

We had a demo at Microsoft of some of these components and it was very impressive. I'm sure there are some ms designers here that can help.

Lucas Haines

What error are you running into?

Raymond Uphoff

With you should be able to change some colors. Maybe it's not enough, it's a start. In my opinion Prototypes doen't have to be perfect. I care we have UI-controls in Framer from code. I didn't have the time to setup a test yet.

Raymond Uphoff

To use the module in Framer Studio, you reference it by doing a couple of things:
Put the module file in your /modules directory.
At the top of your Framer project, require the module {CalendarDatePicker} = require "CalendarDatePicker"
Then you can use your nifty calendar date picker in your Framer project;

Raymond Uphoff

With an error!

Joe Day

I'm wondering if it might be related to having the whole project directory inside your modules folder? Can you try moving the windows-framer-toolkit-master folder outside and see what happens? Also, can you try adding the button module as well?

Julia Carlson

windows-framer-toolkit-master containers subfolders, which the modules folder does not support. You'll have to copy modules from the subfolders into your modules folder so that individual .coffee files are at the top level.

Curtis Seinosuke Nakauye

These types of errors usually indicate a missing dependency. Please also include both the Color and Type modules (in the same level) and it should help with the error you're seeing.

Raymond Uphoff

Okay, so basically I have to get rid of the nice structure of Toolkit. How about the changes of relative paths between coffee-files?

Raymond Uphoff

I've put All modules directly in modules-folder. Button-module even throws an error; Module Button can't be found ??!! Framer Cloud throws an "Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined" I what I'm wrong doing young Skywalker?

Raymond Uphoff


Bil Chamberlin

it didn't work for me...

Raymond Uphoff

Try URL in previous post. That one also works in my browser.

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