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Adam Lamkharbech
Posted Jul 02 - Read on Facebook

Hello guys,
I'm new to Framer and I apologize for my dumb question.

The code written inside Framer (CoffeScript) is it good for an animation/interaction development inside xCode or/and Android Studio?

If not, how can Framer can help us in our design process?

Thanks to anyone will answer!


Jonas Treub

You can't use the code directly but you can use the spring curve settings. Right click the code to extract the animation values.

Bhaskar Ravi

Can't use code - nor would you want to as its not great production code.

Framer fits perfectly in the middle of design and dev. I.e. you have designs, and need to iterate / gain feedback / evolve. Much easier (and cheaper) to quickly develop designs in Framer, code lite prototypes, and iterate.

Once you're ready to code, you can then basically copy over the values to XCode and plug in a backend. Your product though at that point should be more refined due to Framer if that makes sense.

Aalok Trivedi

Although the code is not transferable to actual production code for apps, the logic is. You can use the timings, values, curves, and event based logic to help you determine the best interaction design. Knowing how easy or difficult it will be to code your interaction in framer will give you a pretty good idea of how complex it will be for your devs (not always but it's a good branching off point), thus allowing to to make better design decisions and become more efficient

Adam Lamkharbech

Thank you so much for your exhaustive answer guys! :)

Joshua Miller

Check out:

for usable JavaScript code.

Also you can use Framer Handoff:

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