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Rafael Conde
Posted Jul 02 - Read on Facebook

Anyone knows how can one change a text layer's properties created in *Design*, in *Code*? 🙃


Boney Yeldho

I think you can access any property by using the syntax ; for eg you can set the text by using layername.html = "new text". Refer to the docs for the list of properties of layers and text layers

Jonas Treub

There is only a hacky way to do it right now:
textLayer.html = textLayer.html.replace("original", "new text")

Bhaskar Ravi

Seems easier right now to just create text you want to manipulate in code mode. To my knowledge you can't change properties like color etc.

Seems like Framer flattens the text when importing from design mode. Hopefully this is on the shortlist of fixes! Would be awesome to have text imported as a fully text layer.

Jonas Treub

Indeed. It's on the roadmap.

Nathan Wright

Replace is the best way to do this at the moment but still not ideal

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