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Vince Li
Posted Jul 08 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, I’m wondering how to do the following:

Text layer Blue in the loop gets its text from an array. When you click on one of the blue text layers, text layer Red appears.

Now I want the text value from whatever blue text layer you clicked on, to be passed on the Red one. How does that work?

Thanks in advance!


Bil D Benhamou

Why don't you simply change the color of the "blue" clicked text to red?

Vince Li

Oh sorry, that wasn't clear. I meant the string from the array. So when you click title3, the red text layer also reads title3

Ban Nguyen

blue.onclick ->
red.text = titles[i] or @.text

Haven't tested but that's what I think. Good luck!

Vince Li

Thanks Ban Nguyen! But didn't work unfortunately. 陳威威 that did the trick, thanks!

Vince Li

陳威威 follow up question: How can I have the click event on another layer within the loop? So I click on a different layer and then refer to the text of Blue. I believe that's a scoping problem? But even if I put a Do in front of it it doesn't work.

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